Cottages Cornwall Mousehole

Cottages Cornwall MouseholeMousehole is situated about a 1 mile walk along the coastal path (or a 3 mile drive) from Burnt Toast Cottage. Largley unspoilt, Mousehole is a typical Cornish fishing village from days gone by. This historic village was the inspiration behind Antonia Barber's book The Mousehole Cat and is also famous for being the origin of 'Star Gazey Pie', a mixed fish, egg and potato pie with fish heads protruding through the pastry.Mousehole lights

Mousehole hosts a number of maritime festivals like Sea Salts and Sail each year. It is known the world over for the Mousehole Christmas Lights, created each year to raise money for charity. The illuminations attract many thousands of visitors each December, and are another "must see" whilst you are in Cornwall. However, the lights are turned off every December 19th as a mark of respect to the crew of the Penlee Lifeboat, whose entire crew, all based in Mousehole lost their lives in the tragic Penlee Lifeboat Disaster.

Mousehole harbour

Another famous celebration in Mousehole is known as " Tom Bawcock’s Eve". Held on December 23rd each year this festival celebrates the efforts by local resident, Tom Bawcock to end a famine in the village during the16th century. During this festival Star Gazey Pie is eaten and a spectacular lantern procession takes place.